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History of creation «Cosmonavigator»

"Cosmonavigator" watch is intended to determinate the Earth point which the spacecraft is flying over at the current moment of time. It is fitted with a 24-hour clockwork with a navigation limb. A spacecraft makes 16 circuits around the Earth at a 200-kilometer high circular orbit a day. The orbit period makes T=90 minutes per circuit. During this time the Earth turns to a certain angle. So the start of next circuit falls to new coordinates.

The first circuit is defined by geographic coordinates of the launch site of the particular spacecraft.

Next circuits repeat the first one with a change of number over the Equator 1-2-3…14-15-16… and 1-2-3… again, and so on, forming a beautiful pattern of the spacecraft trajectory on the flat surface of the map.

The "Cosmonavigator" watch is meant for orbits with planes inclined to the Earth equator at an angle of 51 degree. Those are working orbits of the space stations "Salute", "Mir" and the operating International Space Station, spaceships of the "Soyuz" series.

Navigation accuracy depends on the orbit period. With the height increase, the circuit period is increasing as well. This is why the watch is supplied with an option of a simple but regular correction of the limb's sector position related to the hour hand.

Story by Vladimir А. Dzhanibekov, twice the Hero of Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut of USSR::
"It was September of 1985. "Salute – 7" station. . It is midnight in Moscow. It is also our local time. Maintenance work going on.. Ice age. The Flood at the station has already pasted. Victor Savinyh is cozily sleeping in a sleeping-bag in front of me. The "deaf" circuits without communication with Center are going.
- I wonder where we are flying? - I'm asking almost in sleep,
- Above clouds I assume...

Falling asleep I idly thinking that it would be great to have a watch with globe like the one at on the central stand. Or, with a map on the dial. But to have it on my hand... and without need to leave the warm sleeping bag to check... and soon getting back in again thinking that I was right and we were actually over clouds and under clouds were waters of the Atlantic ocean... all right,.. water is there where clouds are. Why our planet called the Earth and not the Water?.. This was the way the idea of "COSMONAVIGATOR" was born.

It became possible to realize this project only 18 later with practical help of my old friend Pavel P. Grankin, officer in reserve, who is Head of the "Right move" company now. Financing was provided by Center of Exploitation Land-based Space Infrastructure (TSENKI) of Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos).»

"Cosmonavigator" was awarded diploma "Watches of the future" at "Russian Design - 2003" competition.

Limited series - 350 numbered pieces. Part of it is available for sale, another one is kept for cosmonauts.

Moscow watch salon 2004"

Stand on Bazel watch fair


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