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«Cosmonavigator» watches —
ISS cosmonauts' equipment element.
Limited series - 350 pcs.

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"Spetsnaz" watches

From January 2002 our company began to produce special series of the "Spetsnaz" watches (it is Russian abbreviation of "special-purpose" phrase). The necessity of producing these watches was aroused by cooperation with well-known companies "Poligon" and "Splav". While the first models of "Speznaz" corresponded to the specialization of those retailers only by appearance, now we able to offer watches what are more quality and adapted to the extreme conditions of exploitation.

In this series firstly in Russia we ready to offer exclusive watches with autogenerator! This watches don’t need batteries. Theirs case is hermetic and made of stainless steel.

We produce "Spetsnaz" watches as independent trade mark and plan to fit them with a lot of different functions, make out of them instrument for showing time with special purpose.

The watch "Spetsnaz" is for real men!

Time is power!

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Вы можете заказать данные модели часов с доставкой по Москве и Санкт-петербургу (100 р.), а также наложным платежом по территории России. Возможна отправка за границу (пишите по адресу


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