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У вас есть шанс приобрести часы «Космонавигатор» — элемент экипировки работающих на МКС космонавтов

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"Biorhythm" watch

Human’s life and health, as everything in universe, obeys certain rhythms. Every organism has its own built-in biological clock, which regulates its functioning. Main task of biological clock is coordination of processes going on all levels of living organism, starting with cell.

Out of known types of biological rhythms, daily is most important. Breathing demonstrates rhythmical change of inhalation and exhalation, heart beats with measured time periods; our nervous system also has rhythmical fluctuation.

Ancient orient medicine strictly relied on biorhythms. By its ideas, 12 organs, connected with respective energetic channels, once in 24 hours pass 2-hour length time of activity, which slowly falling down after till reaches its minimum. Knowledge of own biological clock helps in recovery of health.

Scientists got a lot of certain confirmations of correlation between biological processes in organism and time. They proved that if one’s perception of time is wrong, his perception of place also would be changed.

Sunrise usually comes from 3 to 5 o’clock of morning (following data valid for latitudes of Russia). This time interval is the period of maximal activity of bronchopulmonary system. Next two hours from 5 to 7 – time of maximal activity of bowels. Metabolism also intensifies. Hours from 7 to 9 – term of maximal activity of gastrointestinal tract. Any food got into organism digests more fully. Time from 9 to 11 – period of maximal activity of spleen and pancreas. Blood pressure lowest at 9 and highest at 18 o’clock. Starting from 9 till 12 o’clock people have hottest body temperature; from 6 p.m. temperature coming down; minimum happens at 3-4 a.m.

In the table above graphically showed correlation of time with periods of maximal and minimal energy levels of most important human organs. On the turning limb of watches graphical symbols are depicted, which represents certain organs of human organism. Hour hand will show you current state of your organs.

Organs (meridians)
of human organism
Hours of maximal
energy level
Hours of minimal
energy level
- Lungs3 - 515 - 17
- Large intestine5 - 717 - 19
- Stomach7 - 919 - 21
- Spleen9 - 1121 - 23
- Heart11 - 1323 - 1
- Small intestine13 - 151 - 3
- Urinary bladder15 - 173 - 5
- Kidney17 - 195 - 7
- Pericardium19 - 217 - 9
- Three heaters meridian21 - 239 - 11
- Gall-bladder23 - 111 - 13
- Liver1 - 313 - 15

Of course, it’s average generalized indexes, so individual shift possible in some small range. Special setting crown on the watch case allow turning limb with graphical symbols for setting “Biorhythm” watches for you.

Numerous biological researches proved, what by theirs bio-physiological rhythms all people divides into two generic class - so-called “owls” and “skylarks” (“arrhythmic” class also distinguished, it is something in the between of them). Important to know, that yours built-in clock set at early childhood, and it is impossible to switch it without considerable discomfort for more than 1 hour and half in any direction.


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