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The watch company "Right move" was founded in 2001 and owing to specialists who brought experience to the young company, quickly took worthy place in the Russian watch business. The important stage in founding of company was acquisition of rights for producing proved watches under trade mark "Derzhava". Small, but skilled collective permits to produce and sell modern reliable watches "Derzhava" with moderate prices to Russian customers.

Good organized cooperation with producers of Russia, Hong Kong and China permits to reduce way from designer’s project to practical realization. The heart of the "Derzhava" watches - is movements of Russian and foreign production.

Later even more successful brand was created. Military past of the company founder and demands of corporate customers from army formed it's style. It was named "Specnaz", same as famous Russian special operation forces. This brand quite popular and becomes more and more interesting, as new original and very special watches comes to collection.

The company produces the watches with customer’s symbols. Among our permanent clients are: President’s Administration, Security Council, Federal office of Tax Investigation, Ministry of Internal affairs, Russian Airspace Agency, Space Forces and others.

The watches are certified and provided by guarantee service.

The exclusive offer of our company is design and producing of souvenirs: memorable badges and wall symbols, department’s rewards and medals. We respect our permanent clients and invite new ones for reciprocal cooperation.

Time works for you!

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